Why All Single People Should Use a Dating App

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If you’re single, you need to be on a dating app. It is what it is. That said, if you’re the type that needs cold hard facts to  make a decision, see below for four of the reasons that all single people need to be on a dating app.

Reason Number 1: Dating Is a Numbers Game

At the end of the day you aren’t single because your Mr. or Mrs. Perfect doesn’t exist. You’re single because you haven’t met that person yet. And, how are you going to meet that person if you’re not going on any dates?! Sure, you can get dates in person, but you’re going to get more dates if you’re on a dating app. If you question that, poll your single friends. Chances are the ones on dating apps are going on way more dates the ones who aren’t. At the end of the day, the more dates you go on, the odds of meeting someone you actually want to end up with are higher. It’s simple math.

Reason Number 2: If You’re Not Online, You’re Missing Out on Some Really Great People

Successful people are busy working, going to the gym or doing other things that don’t involve hitting up the club on a Thursday night. That said, they have to meet their person somewhere.  With such hectic schedules, that means that these people are turning to dating apps to find their significant others. Not to mention, even if a super amazing person was out on a Thursday night, what are the chances you would both be at the same place at the exact same time. Pretty slim. However, with online dating, you guys don’t have to be at the same place at the exact same time. So just being on a dating app exposes you  to this whole world of great people that you wouldn’t otherwise meet due to simple geographic timing.

Reason Number 3: People Are Addicted to their Phones

Like it or not, people are super co-dependant on their phones. What this means to the dating world, is that less and less strangers will actually meet in person. The reason for this is that everyone has a phone. And, when they stand in line at at the Coffee Bean, get in an elevator, or even wait to meet their friend at a bar, they are on their phones. With everyone so busy rubbing their screens, strangers don’t really interact the way they used to. On the flipside, taking this into consideration, the chances of a stranger coming across your dating profile online are pretty high.

Reason Number 4: You Have Nothing to Lose

Really, you have absolutely nothing to lose by  being on a dating app. You only have things to gain. Conversely, by not being on a dating app, you stand to miss out on meeting so many great people. And, let’s be real, you probably waste a ton of time scrolling through ESPN.com, your Insta feed, Pinterest or whatever your internet pastime of choice happens to be. Why not devote some of that spare time to finding an amazing partner?


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