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Imagine you’ve worked all day and are seriously hungry for Italian. There are two restaurants in your neighborhood. One has a ton of great reviews and the other has nothing. Where are you going to eat? Chances are you’re going to eat at the restaurant with the great reviews. At Voujo, we believe the same should apply to dating. That’s why we crowd-source the dating experience.  The concept behind Voujo is super simple, yet revolutionary. Our member profiles have all the standard info BUT they also have feedback!

Basically, we were sick of blindly going on “internet dates.”  I mean think about it. How many of you out there have chatted with someone you met online and met them in person and thought to yourself, “OMG how in the world am I sitting across from this person right now? Talk about false advertising.”  Now, if you had seen some feedback on that profile, you probably would have realized that the false advertiser wasn’t for you.

Not to mention, think about all those dating profiles you quickly swiped past just because a photo didn’t do the person justice. Think about it, every girl has that friend with a really amazing boyfriend that she met on a dating site. He’s the nicest guy ever and treats her like a princess. That said, most girls probably swiped right past his profile. BUT if there was member feedback, Prince Charming’s profile probably would have gotten a lot more play. That’s the beauty of Voujo. It adds another differentiating factor to a dating profile.

We have two types of feedback. Friend Feedback and First Impression Feedback.

When a member creates their profile, they are given the opportunity to ask their friends to vouch for them. This is a great tool because who better to describe you than the people you spend the most time with? Not to mention, a lot of times, our friends might see amazingness in aspects of your personality that you don’t even think about. As an added bonus, your  friends don’t have to be members to give feedback. So you can hit up your married cousin to vouch for you.

Once your profile is up and running, the first impression feedback will start rolling in. The first time a member has the opportunity to give feedback is after their first interaction with another member.  For example, after Tim’s first interaction with Jennifer, he is given the opportunity to choose a personality trait that best describes her.  That information will make its way to Jennifer’s profile.

Make sure to keep checking back here. The Voujo community is growing and we will  be updating our blog regularly with fun content that is sure to enhance your Voujo experience!


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