Too Picky is a Thing

 In The Wonderful World of Dating

We all know that person who is a perpetually blinded by love. They date people for the sake of being in a relationship and they often overlook major issues. They are usually really nice, in fact,  too nice, and will give literally anyone a million chances. The following is NOT for that person. That said, the following is for that person’s polar opposite: The Picky Person.

The Picky Person (the PP for short) is the person who wants it all and then some. We are talking about that girl who wants the guy who is exactly 3.5 years older than her, went to an Ivy, makes a ton of money, but is still humble, has a year round tan, good hair, six foot two with a Range Rover, an apartment in the city and beach house but still manages to have all the time in the world for her. Or that guy who is looking for supermodel with five advanced degrees, who makes her own money, but is still super domesticated and has a delicious  four course dinner on the table every night at exactly 7pm and somehow manages to look flawless without a stitch of makeup. If this is you (or someone you know for that matter) keep the following in mind before you cut the cord on your next relationship.


Nobody’s perfect. What that means for the Picky Person, is that the perfect person is not out there.  That’s right, the perfect person is not out there. For some people, this is a really hard concept to grasp. You are not going to find a person who meets a giant laundry list of unattainable criteria. You may meet someone who meets some of the criteria, but not all of it. And by being so picky, you are probably missing out dating on a ton of really great people.


We get it – you don’t want to settle. You have all these great things going for you and you waited this long, so why settle? The thing is, compromise and settling are not the same thing. Just because a person doesn’t have every single thing you want, doesn’t mean you are settling. At the end of the day, you don’t need perfection to be happy in your relationship. You do need a partner that shares commonalities with you. But, you need to give a little. Prioritize what you want in a partner. Pick a few (really just a few) non-negotiables. From there, just date and see what happens.


If you are a Picky Person don’t attempt to get to the bottom of why you are so picky. It could be anything. Maybe your parents let you watch too many fairytales growing up, or maybe you’re scared of commitment so you make impossible standards for potential mates. For right here right now, none of that  matters. All that matters is that you need to stop being so picky and learn to give people a chance. The second you accept the fact that you can’t have it all, you’ll probably find all you need.




Team Voujo

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