Four Tips for a Killer Online Dating Profile

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Creating an online dating profile is not stereotypically a fun activity. No one jumps up and down and says, “YES! I get to write my dating profile tonight.” Anyone who claims that they feel that way is probably lying to you. That said, if you follow these tips, the process might end up being a little less painless. It might even be kind of enjoyable.  Not to mention, following these tips  is sure to get your profile a lot of traction.

Tip Number 1: Honesty is the Best Policy

This is so simple. Don’t lie on your profile. First of all, lying on your profile is embarrassing. I mean, who wants to be THAT person who lied?!? Think about it this way, your profile is the first thing a potential date sees.  At what point do you come clean about your profile not being completely honest? If you do it on the first date, you look like a liar.  If things go well, you could end up in a relationship. Then, if you do it on your tenth date, your relationship is based on a lie. It’s a lose-lose situation.(Sidebar – This applies to photos too, but more on that in “Tip Number 2.”)

Tip Number 2: Choose Your Photos Wisely

Profile photos are very important. Because as much as it is important to read dating profiles, more often than not, photos are a huge factor in swiping decisions.  This does not mean that you should put ridiculously amazing photoshopped photos in your profile. It also doesn’t mean using photos from your freshman year of college. Nor does it mean, filling your photos with group shots of your hot friends. And, it doesn’t mean that you should place yourself super desirable locals. First and foremost, think about the people you’re going to attract with these unrealistic photos. Probably not someone who’s into you for the right reasons. Second, what happens when you meet in person and your date sees that you are nothing like the person in your photos. That sort of dishonesty is a major red flag and could cost you a second date.

Tip Number 3: Typos are not your Friend

Your profile doesn’t have to be indicative of the next great American novel. However, it should be free of glaring typos. Typos are sloppy and your profile is a representation of your best self. You don’t want that representation to scream “sloppy.”

Tip Number 4: Write it Yourself

The ability to delegate is an awesome skill (especially if you have a fancy job). That said, there are times that you need to actually do the work yourself. Creating your dating profile is one of those times. Your profile should be a reflection of you, not what your best friend thinks is an accurate representation of you. Not to mention, on Voujo, your friends get to vouch for you. So they’ll have the opportunity to put in their two cents.


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