5 Habits That Will Send Your Partner Running for the Hills

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Sometimes people don’t understand why they are perpetually single. One reason might be that they are guilty of one of the following 5 habits.  If you fit any of these descriptions, you might want to consider changing your ways.

HABIT #1: Obsessive Texting

If you send a text and don’t get a response back, there is a reason. The reason could be one of many. Your partner may have not seen the text, he or she could be working, or  simply didn’t feel like responding. That said, sending multiple texts over and over before you get an answer to your first text is not in any way, shape or form going to make your partner text you back sooner. In fact, it will probably do the opposite. And the more and more you practice this habit, the longer and longer it will take to get a response.

HABIT #2: You Blow Things Out of Proportion

In life, there are big problems and there are little problems. If you’re freaking out about the little stuff, your partner is probably thinking “What’s going to happen when something major happens?” Trust, no one wants to spend their life with someone who makes a mountain out of a molehill.

HABIT #3: You’re Mean

No one wants to spend time with to someone who mean to them. It’s really a simple concept if you think about it. For example, if you were making plans for Friday night and knew your partner was probably going to be mean to you when you saw each other, would you make plans with your partner or a friend?   Unless you are a glutton for punishment, chances are the answer is a friend. The moral of the story is that if you don’t want your partner to avoid you, just be nice. You don’t have to rock fake perma-smile 24/7, but make an effort to be kind. It’s not that difficult if you’re with the right person.  And, if you don’t, over time you’ll find yourself single.

HABIT #4: You Aren’t Flexible

If your mantra is “my way or the highway” you’re probably going to spend the bulk of your life single. People in healthy relationships compromise on every level.  Whether it’s dinner plans changing or picking a paint color, you have to be willing to give a little.  For instance, imagine being with someone that never lets you have your way in anything. Sounds miserable, right?

HABIT #5: You Can’t Let Things Go

Few things are more annoying than a person who can’t let things go. Imagine hearing about the time that you were 15 minutes late five years ago every single time you are late for something. Horrible. Obviously,  every couple fights. It’s a fact of life. That said, once the argument is over, what happens after is just as important as the fight itself. After  you and your partner make up, don’t keep bringing up the incident. Either stop talking about it or eventually you will end up going your separate ways.


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